What are your hours?

Mon. – Fri. 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Sunday Closed

These are our summer hours. Hours vary with the seasons.

We are closed some holidays and some holiday weekends.

How do you sell your products?

Our products in bins such as bark, compost, topsoil, decorative river rock, decorative landscape rock etc. are sold by the “scoop” one scoop is approximately one half of a cubic yard. We have built a one yard box which we practice dumping two scoops in for accuracy.

Most of the other products we sell are by the pound, such as boulders, flagstone, wall rock, etc.

Our Basalt Columns are sold by the foot and the Basalt Dish/Birdbath rocks are sold by the each.

All of our concrete products, pavers, wall blocks, steppers, etc. are sold by either the each or by the pallet depending on the product.

How much is the stone?

By the pound products vary from .08 per pound to .40 per pound. An average boulder 2 feet by 2 feet costs appx. $35 to $75 depending on the type of stone.

Our bark varies in price depending on type from $20 per scoop (1/2 cyd) to $28 per scoop. Our Decorative, Round River Rock varies from $14 per scoop (1/2 cyd to $19 per scoop. And our decorative Landscape Rock varies from $23 per scoop (1/2 cyd) to $35 per scoop.

How many pounds are in a “scoop”?

It depends on the products but most of our rock products weigh 1000 to 1300 pounds per scoop.

Our topsoil and compost can vary due to moisture content and time of year. But doesn’t usually weigh more than 1000 pounds per scoop (topsoil) and 800 pounds per scoop (compost). Bark weighs very little so bring your tarp to “fill ‘er up”!

How much does one “scoop “ cover?

One scoop covers approximately 75 square feet at 2” deep. This is for any product 1” or smaller. Products that are 1 ½” in size offer about 10 square feet less in coverage.

How can I figure patio/path stone coverage?

Most patio flagstone that is 1”-3” thick and 12”-18 wide will cover appx. 80-100 square feet per ton.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we have a rock truck available to deliver and place your boulders or pallets.

We also have a dump truck to deliver all of our bin products.

What is the delivery cost?

There are many variables to determine delivery cost; location, amount and type of stone. For instance, we offer a considerable delivery discount on full truckloads of our sand, gravel, decorative river rock, fill dirt and topsoil.

Is one pallet one ton?

No, each pallet varies in weight depending on the product, but most are 1 ½ to 2 tons.

Can I buy less than a ton or pallet full?

Yes, our scale measures 1 pound, however there is a $1.00 minimum charge.

Can I buy less than a scoop?

We sell all of our bin products by the five gallon bucket for $2 to $5 depending on the product. You can bring your own bucket or borrow ours.

Can we just look around or drive around the rock yard?

Yes, you can and we encourage you to do so! But please be cautious when driving through the isles. You drive at your own risk, because rocks are low and sometimes hard to see when turning corners. Also, if you are coming to browse make sure you wear proper shoes for walking around rock.

Can we have small samples of your stone?

Small sandwich bag sized samples are available for you to take and we encourage you to at no charge. Large 5 gallon bucket samples are available at a nominal cost.

What kind of prep work is needed for a patio or pathway?

It would depend if you were going to set the stone in sand or concrete. We also have “How to” sheets available. It does involve some digging, compacting and leveling.

How big is a ton of rock or one cubic yard of bin material?

Palletized, one ton is about ½ of a pallet or 1 ½ to 2 feet high.

One yard of bin material is approximately 3x3x3 cone shaped.

Do you design or install?

No, we do not. However we can help you figure your projects, give you advice and pointers, have landscape books with DIY info, and we have great design and landscape references.

Do you have people available to help m with my Huge Boulder or my 200-500 pound stone?

We have a convenient boulder cart available so one or two people can move a boulder up to 800 pounds, but you have to find the people. We also have a rock truck that can deliver and place your boulders just where you want them within our reach.